Community Shares

Akimenko Meats is now offering a new way to help bring local/sustainable meats to our community. You can now enroll in our “Community Shares” program. It is kind of like a loan, but instead of making money, you receive a return in meat (or any purchased goods at Akimenko Meats)!

There are three tiers that you can choose from:

Tier One
$200-$500 will get a 15% return, equaling $230-$575

Tier Two
$600-$1,000 will get a 20% return, equaling $720-$1,200

Tier Three
$1,200-$3,000 will get you 25% return, equaling $1,500-$3,750

Purchasers will receive gift cards on a quarterly basis over two years. The gift cards can be transferred, so you could give the gift of local/sustainable meat to your bestest pals. If you would like to sign up or if you have more questions please contact me at

Akimenko Meats

fig 6a. Community Shares

We are also looking for some additional capitol in the form of traditional investments. Contact me for more information.