What and Why

Akimenko Meats strives to bridge the gap between the city dweller and our local farmers. Our commitment to our neighbors is to bring in local, organic, and sustainable products while supporting the local agricultural community, building customer awareness, and ultimately aiding our local economy.

Akimenko Meats will deal primarily with whole animals from farms located in a 250 mile radius of the Boston Area. To help make Akimenko Meats more sustainable we will offer house made charcuteries and stocks, making use of the entire animal. Our ultimate goal is to make local and sustainable meats available year-round to all members of the community. Akimenko Meats does not believe that eating with an ethical conscience should be a privilege that only the wealthy can afford.

Our customers will engage with our butchers, discussing what they are planning to prepare or cook and why. This conversation allows for suggestion, customer education, and a deeper connection to our food supply and our local purveyors.

Thank You

Thank y’all so much for your support to achieve my goal on Kickstarter.com. Because of your generosity, we were able to go over the $15,000 mark and show me that This Will Happen. Thank you also for the motivation. Now I am no longer doing this for myself, I am doing this for y’all too. That means a lot to me.

Special thanks goes out to Aaron “The Adonises” Panone, Peter “The Turk” Reynolds, Mike “Hire Me” Kivikoski , Tony and Tina Sanchez, Caitlin “Baby Cakes” Berry and Christian “Give Me a Job” Ellis for all their help.

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Vadim Akimenko entered the restaurant industry at the age of 17 after cooking extensively with his Mother. He parlayed his first cooking job at Café Alegre in Orlando, Fl into a spot at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America where he was first exposed to butchering. Upon coming to Boston, Akimenko worked in some of Boston’s more impressive kitchens including The Regal Bostonian, Eat, and Sel de la Ter. Further developing his love for butchering Vadim worked in the meat department at Market Basket in Somerville, MA moving forward from there to eventually manage both the Cambridge and Boston Locations of Savenor’s Market.

While planning the launch of his own restaurant Vadim became increasingly aware of the ills of the mechanized food industry, and with the documentary Food Inc. serving as the final straw he placed his restaurant plans on hold in favor of opening a butcher shop. Akimenko Meats will focus on providing the community with local, humanely and sustainably raised meat from whole animals.


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fig 1a. Owner & Master Butcher,
Vadim Akimenko